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08.18.134:45 AM ET

Lady Reads

From Parisian politicians to breast-cancer awareness, stories from this week on the women’s sites.

Paris Mayoral Race Hosts an All-Female Field (Women’s eNews)

It looks like Paris is about to elect its first female mayor: so far, the candidates running in the 2014 election are exclusively women.  Both of the major parties have banded behind female candidates, with Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet as the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) nominee and Anne Hidalgo of the Parti Socialiste (PS) as her challenger. Both ladies boast impressive government careers, and two more (equally impressive) women are expected to join the race. Though France is known for its good treatment of women, in the wider French political sphere power remains largely in the hands of men.  

The Battle Over ‘I Love Boobies’ (RH Reality Check)

A U.S. Federal Court recently ruled that the Pennsylvania Easton Area School District’s ban on Keep a Breast Foundation bracelets bearing the words “I Love Boobies! Save a Breast!” violated student’s constitutional rights to free speech. The accessories, which school officials called lewd and distracting, are meant to spark conversation between teenagers about breast cancer. While nobody is against increased cancer awareness, some breast-cancer fundraising organizations argue that these eye-catching slogans in “pink ribbon culture” sexualize the disease and don’t focus on the hard, unphotogenic truths that women and men with breast cancer struggle with daily.

How to Get Over Your Ex the RIGHT Way (Her Campus)

Breaking up is hard to do, but getting over said breakup doesn’t have to be as painful as you’d think, as Her Campus advises. The single life is a great time to refocus on yourself and reconnect with friends and family who may have fallen by the wayside, and the friendships that you rekindle can be the perfect way to blow off steam. As long as you remember to put some distance between you and your ex and to not jump into a new relationship too quickly, a breakup can be a learning experience in disguise for all you strong, independent women out there.

Remembering You Have a Body; or, How ELSE to Talk to Little Girls (Hello Giggles)

A personal narrative on Hello Giggles tells of one woman’s journey from thinking of her body as a “problematic burden hovering somewhere below my brain and above the ground” to cherishing it (or at least enjoying it). Like many women, she believes her insecurities derive from messages she received at an early age about her appearance. However, she says we shouldn’t refrain from discussing body image with little girls altogether, but that we should discuss them like we would any other characteristic. “Our bodies are just another part of who we are,” she writes, “and I feel like pretending they don’t exist only contributes to the detachment many of us develop to them over time.”

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! Your First Time Experiences, in All of Their Awkward Glory (Betty Confidential)

First-person accounts of first times and other awkward experiences. Need we say more?