Fans Upset at NFL’s No-Purse Policy

Only clutches and clear plastic bags are now allowed.

To “enhance public safety and improve stadium access for fans,” the NFL has a new “All Clear” bag policy, and it’s leaving some female fans pissed at the purse police. The new requirements now only allow a small clutch purse and clear tote bags to enter stadiums. If you get to the game with a huge handbag, the NFL is conveniently selling clear tote bags and backpacks as an alternative—but you’ll have to shell out $9.95 to $19.95. One Twitter user gripes, “If NFL wants to bring more female fans to the games, banning purses and making bags be clear is the WRONG way to go about it!” But most people are taking the new rules in stride—and Lauren LaBorde and Colleen Allerton on YouTube have even turned it into a hilarious video, titled “My Purse, My Choice,” below. (Honestly, do women really need gum, a Luna Bar, three pairs of sunglasses, nasal spray, more gum, multiple iPads, a friend’s purse, and more gum just to go to a football game?)

Video screenshot