08.19.134:38 PM ET

Italians Seek Shelter From Abuse

New laws are ineffective without improved system, experts say.

About 75 percent of murdered Italian women from 2000 to 2012 were killed by their male partners—and more than 80 women died from domestic abuse this year alone, according to Italian news outlets. Prime Minister Enrico Letta recently passed new stringent measures to combat domestic abuse, but many Italian women say it misses the mark. Advocates say what the country needs is a better system of shelters and assistance networks to help abused women. Rome’s main shelter for battered women is a three-room apartment that can house only three women for no more than one week, and it serves the entire Lazio region of Italy. According to a Council of Europe task force, Italy should have 5,700 spots available in shelters, but it currently has only 500.