08.21.1311:13 AM ET

Al.com Apologizes for Football Lede

Said sport could be “confusing” and “often vexing” for women.

Guess nobody at Al.com saw Bend It Like Beckham or any other films out there about girls who love sports. The site apologized Tuesday after posting an article that began with the line that football “can be a confusing and often vexing concept.” The website was covering an event called “Girls of Fall: A Night of Food, Fashion and Football,” and it didn’t take long for the story to spread on social media. Al.com food editor David Holloway, who wrote the piece, commented: “The ‘Girls of Fall’ event is not geared toward those women who are experts in football, but those who are not but want to learn more. We apologize for offending readers. The story has been edited to the feedback that we’ve received.” Um, but what about the blatant sexism? Al.com updated the post later, with the note: “This story has been edited to remove incorrect and offensive assumptions about women and football. We apologize for the error.”