08.21.133:38 PM ET

Former Vanderbilt Football Players Plead Not Guilty

Accused of raping an unconscious girl.

Four former football players for Vanderbilt University pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to allegedly raping a 21-year-old female student in June. A fifth former player, Chris Boyd, the football team’s former star wide receiver, pleaded not guilty to a lesser charge of being an accessory. None of the five charged appeared in court. Brandon Vandenburg, 20, Cory Batey and Brandon Eric Banks, both 19, and Jaborian McKenzie, 18, have been charged with rape, while Vandenburg faces additional charges of unlawful photography and tampering with evidence. Two men in California who were high-school teammates of Vandenburg, have also been charged with tampering with evidence. Batey’s attorney told reporters after the hearing that discussions about a settlement will likely take place, but there’s been no word so far.