08.22.134:05 PM ET

College Newspaper Pulled for Vagina Photos

Editors say this shows how women’s bodies are considered dirty and shameful.

A university newspaper in Australia pulled its edition after photos of vaginas ran on the front page—and some said the images were not censored enough. Honi Soit, Sydney University’s student newspaper and the oldest university newspaper in the country, was recalled just hours after the cover with 18 vaginas hit the university. “By baring everything, warts and all, we’re sort of making a statement—this is our body, get over it,” said editor Lucy Watson. In fact, 20 years ago, Honi Soit ran an issue with a penis on the cover. The paper fought back against the school’s censorship policy, posting a lengthy letter on its Facebook page asking “How can society both refuse to look at our body part, call it offensive, and then demand it look a certain way?” Further, editor Hannah Ryan wrote about it in Australia’s Daily Life, saying the cover was not meant to be sexual and “acted out in this way, the law told women that their bodies were offensive and that they had to hide.”