08.22.132:38 PM ET

Study: Women Worry Too Much About Work

But this is good news, apparently.

Female executives are worrying too much, according to a recent study by the CDR Assessment Group—but that’s a good thing, apparently. The president of CDR, Nancy E. Parsons, writes that now that companies know what is holding women back, they can work to avoid it. Female leaders are losing ground due to excessive worrying, such as overanalyzing.  There are 11 risk factors that can undermine performance, some associated with women (avoiding adversity, overanalyzing) and others associated with men (egotism, rule breakers). But it ends up resulting in more difficulty for women—since the male risk factors can be associated with being “fighters” and they often aggressively win the day. Women have to fight the perception of their behavior as weak to succeed, Parsons writes.