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08.25.134:45 AM ET

Lady Reads

From gluten-free dating to Rosa Parks, stories from this week on the women’s sites.

The Real Work of Rosa Parks (RH Reality Check)

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, RH Reality Check has a story shedding light on Rosa Parks’s less-discussed work on exposing and documenting sexual violence against black women. “As branch secretary of the Montgomery NAACP,” writes Jasmine Burnett, she collected testimonies about “hostile experiences in the workplace, social spaces, and those committed at the dark end of the street.”

Gluten-Free Seeking Same: GlutenfreeSingles & Diet Dating (Hello Giggles)

Different people value different common interests in a potential mate. For some, it’s an overlapping sense of humor. For others, it’s the same taste in movies. But for some, it’s a shared dietary restriction. That’s right: there’s a new dating website for the gluten intolerant, who can hopefully now go on first dates without being nervous about their stomachs grumbling. This is Progress.

Stealing Jokes From Tina Fey Is Not Unlike Stealing Candy From a Baby (That Is: What Sort of Monster DOES That?!) (Betty Confidential)

The blow-by-blow on how a recent office move resulted in the theft of Tina Fey’s laptop—which had all her ideas on it. Here’s hoping one of our favorite comedians has a great memory (or at least a great memory stick).

The 10 Couples You’ll Meet in College (Her Campus)

Her Campus compiles a list of the 10 classic couples you’ll meet in college, from “The Couple Who Already Booked the Campus Chapel” to “The Law Student and the Co-ed.” Love ’em, hate ’em, just don’t become one of them! (Kidding. Kind of.)