08.26.134:17 PM ET

Journo Goes Topless During Interview

During interview with mayor of Canadian town.

Hey, if you’ve got them, flaunt ‘em, right? A Canadian journalist went topless Sunday during an interview with the town’s mayor—to prove a point, that is. Lori Welbourne, a newspaper columnist and talk show host, asked Kelowna mayor Walter Gray if women would be arrested if they participated in Go Topless Day—and then she undid her halter top. Gray asked “are you doing that?” and then continued to say that in Canada, it’s her right to go topless. “I’m not suggesting you should do that, but I don’t think you’re committing any crime or breaking any bylaw,” Gray said. But he later told CBC News that he knew about the stunt, and some residents of the town took offense that Welbourne’s breasts were censored in the broadcast—the opposite message of Go Topless Day.