08.26.131:48 PM ET

Prescription Drugs Safe for Breast-Feeding Moms

According to American Academy of Pediatrics.

What is the ruling on caffeine, then? Breast-feeding mothers can safely take most prescription drugs, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a report released on Monday. The first of its kind in 12 years, the report’s main author, Hari Cheryl Sachs, called it an “affirmation of current thinking.” Prior studies on the topic had led women to believe they should either stop breast-feeding or stop prescription medication, but the AAP now says that most drugs don’t register in clinically meaningful levels in breast milk. About 80 percent of new mothers breast-feed their babies, but that number drops to 30 percent after six months, despite the AAP’s recommendation to continue breast-feeding for six months—and concern over prescription medication is one of the reasons women stop early.