08.27.134:11 PM ET

Mumbai Rape Suspect: This Was Not the First Victim

They used video clips to intimidate the women.

One of the men arrested for raping a photojournalist in Mumbai last week told police that woman was not their first victim. What’s more, the suspect said, they used video clips of their victims to intimidate them—and they thought it would work with the photojournalist. The five suspects, identified as Qasim Shaikh, Salim Ansari, Chand Shaikh, Vijay Jadhav, and Siraj Khan, also allegedly raped a rag pick worker and a sex worker at the same deserted mill where they raped the photojournalist. Despite the outrage among the citizens of Mumbai—a city that many associate with being modern and safe for women—the city’s police commissioner angered many when he said the residents have to choose between a “promiscuous culture” and safety for women.