08.27.132:48 PM ET

Yale to Release Sexual-Assault Primer

Clarify that “nonconsensual sex” does not mean rape.

Here’s a tip to Yale University: when issuing guidelines on sexual assault, you might want to steer away from the phrase “non-sexual assault.” The Ivy League school is planning to release a primer with guidelines of sexual assault, a week after a group of 229 Yale alumni posted an open letter to the school calling for it to reform its practices. Additionally, two petitions have sprung up, calling for tougher penalties for sexual assault. At the end of July, Yale released a semiannual report that indicated that students guilty of “nonconsensual sex” could remain at the school. “Yale needs to be clear: sex without consent is sexual assault,” the alumni letter reads. This is hardly the school’s first problem with its sexual-assault policy—two years ago, complaints prompted federal authorities to launch an investigation into Yale.