08.28.131:21 PM ET

Chinese Politico’s Son’s Rape Trial Begins

Teenager is accused of being involved in gang rape.

Move over, Bo Xilai? The 17-year-old son of a prominent Chinese politician will go on trial for allegedly being involved in a gang rape in a case that has dominated headlines throughout the country as the symbol of the widespread problem of reckless children of the elite. Li Tianyi, 17, is one of five men accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a Beijing hotel in February. He is the son of Gen. Li Shuangjang of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), a singer of patriotic songs on television, and Meng Ge, also a singer in the PLA. Li’s trial comes on the heels of the high-profile trial of Bo Xilai, a former party boss who has been accused of covering up a murder (allegedly committed by his wife)—and the police chief has claimed he was afraid to go against the Communist Party. “In China, this kind of privilege is very powerful,” said political scientist Zhang Ming.