08.28.134:34 PM ET

Hotel Pulls Ad of Crushed Woman

After critics deemed it offensive.

Doesn’t this photo of a woman crushed by a suitcase make you want to run out and pay for a hotel room? No? Well, the Standard hotel apparently thought it would. The hotel has since discontinued the ad, which ran in an issue of DuJour magazine, after people complained that it promoted violence against women. Actress and blogger Daisy Eagan wrote in a tongue-in-cheek post that the ad was “clearly meant to warn women to steer clear of the hotel or face violence and/or death.” This head-scratcher of an ad is actually part of a series by artist Erwin Wurm. “We apologize to anyone who views this image as insensitive or promoting violence. No offense or harm was intended,” the hotel told, after a petition to retract the ad was posted.