08.28.135:13 PM ET

Korean Women Turning to ‘Smile Surgery’

South Korea leads world in plastic-surgery rates.

Sick of smiling when you don’t want to? Or sick of having people telling you to turn that frown upside down? South Korean plastic surgeons have the answer: smile surgery, called “smile lipt”—a fusion of “lip” and “lift.” The procedure severs the jaw muscles that naturally pull the mouth downward (you know, a frown). This might sound horrifying to some, but apparently the procedure is on the rise in the famously plastic-surgery popular country. Initially an anti-aging procedure, it’s now taking off among women in their 20s and 30s (unfortunately not helping with the whole cliché that millennials will buy anything). To top things off, the advertisement for the procedure tries to play off the vulnerability some women can feel about their race: “in general, Western women have longer mouths and higher mouth corners than Korean people,” says one of the women in the ad.