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Top stories from the women's sites.

Popular Fertility Treatments Still a Vast Experiment (Women’s eNews)

Despite the widespread popularity of treatments like IVF, these procedures are still experimental—and loosely regulated. Miriam Zoll presents the facts in an excerpt from Cracked Open: Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High-Tech Babies

Judge Says 14-Year-Old Was ‘in Control’ When She Was Raped by Adult Teacher (RH Reality Check)

A deeper look at a statutory rape case that may have led to suicide. “We will never know exactly what transpired between the two,” writes Martha Kempner, “but there is no way that Morales had as much control over the situation as Rambold did.” 

Labor Day Beach Bag Essentials (Betty Confidential)

Tips on what you need to stay safe (sunblock!), stay clean (face wipes!), and how to stay fed (pack and go snacks!).

10 Things Worse Than Instagram Going Down for Two Hours (Hello Giggles)

What could be worse than not being able to share pictures of your lunch in fun filters? Hello Giggles has a few answers.

What to Eat to Get Better Skin (Her Campus)

Breaking out after an indulgent Labor Day weekend? Her Campus has advice on the best foods to restore your glow, from papaya to sesame seeds.