09.04.134:23 PM ET

Two Women, One Baby

Woman’s cousin agrees to be baby’s surrogate.

Most families are close, but this family is very close. Writer Abigail Pesta interviewed two women, Jamie and Kristen, one of whom became a surrogate for her cousin’s baby. After Jamie lost her uterus when she became pregnant, she and her husband were still determined to have a child. Her cousin Kristen jumped in and volunteered to carry a baby. They both had concerns: What if something went wrong? What if Kristen became emotionally attached to the child? Kristen successfully became pregnant with Jamie’s twins, though she lost one of the babies after 10 weeks. But she gave birth to a healthy boy, Liam, and Jamie says all her mommy worries melted when he looked deep into her eyes. Kristen says that she wasn’t as emotionally affected by the birth as she’d expected, and that her and Jamie’s hormones seemed in sync, even though Jamie wasn’t physically carrying the baby.