09.05.1312:18 PM ET

Don’t Forget About the Girls

Tina Brown talks to NPR.

We cannot truly be aware of just how vulnerable girls are in so many countries. That’s the gist of what Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s own Tina Brown told NPR this morning. The average person only gets glimpses of what it’s like to live between the lines in news stories, she says. Right now, since we are so focused on Syria, we forget that atrocities are still going on in places like Libya and Egypt. Brown illustrated her point with three recent examples. First, a book featured on The Daily Beast shows that former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi essentially handpicked teenage girls to kidnap for his harem. “Gaddafi was a rapist. He used sex to subjugate his country,” Brown says. She also discussed a New York Times Magazine story about journalist Amanda Lindhout, who was kidnapped and raped in Somalia, only to go back to help women there. Lastly, she mentioned that journalist Anabel Hernández claims in The Guardian that Mexico has become so tolerant of drug cartels, it turns a blind eye to prostitution and violence against women.