09.06.134:32 PM ET

Celebs Auction Goods for Fundraising Challenge

More than $315,000 has been raised in two weeks.

Hollywood big shots like Kristin Davis, Charlize Theron, and Ian Somerhalder have been pitching in to raise money for a collaborative fundraiser with news-action site RYOT and online platform CrowdRise. The #STARTARYOT Challenge aims to bring attention and cash to a variety of philanthropic causes, and has already topped $315,000 in a little over two weeks. To help out, Davis is offering a signed photo of her and an elephant, while How I Met Your Mother's Sarah Chalke is giving an autographed script from the show, and Somerhauld raffled the shirt he wore at the Teen Choice Awards off his back from. The push goes until September 24, so get in there with a good deed or two while you can.