09.06.135:26 PM ET

The Gaming World’s ‘Dickwolves’ Controversy

Penny Arcade founders brush off “rape joke.”

When the gaming convention Penny Arcade Expo was held last weekend in Seattle, it was eclipsed by a rape comment made three years ago. For all you non–gaming experts, this is the gist of the controversy: “In late 2010, a comic was published in which a slave character in an RPG dungeon setting pleaded to the hero for help describing being ‘raped to sleep by dickwolves.’” When a feminist blog took issue with the comment, Penny Arcade responded by saying, “It’s possible you read our cartoon, and become a rapist as a direct result. If you are raping someone right now, please stop.” In a Monday panel, controversy was reignited when creator Mike Krahulik and business manager Robert Khoo said they regretted pulling “Dickwolves” merchandise from the event. The Internet cried foul, and people like Wired’s Rachel Edidin vowing to never attend ever again.