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09.08.134:44 AM ET

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Top stories from the women's sites.

Eggs for Cash: Pitting Choice Against Risk (RH Reality Check)

Debate in California about paying women to harvest their ova for research raises the question of “what it means to be pro-woman. Where are the boundaries between autonomy and health and safety?” 

6 Haute Couture Contraceptives (Her Campus)

That’s right—next time you take your honey home, you can break out a condom whose wrapper reads, “Remember, Safety First! XXOO, Marc Jacobs.”

'A Teacher' and 'Adore' Focus on Much Younger Men (Women’s eNews)

Jennifer Merin reviews two movies, out September 6, that feature age-inappropriate relationships between older women and younger men.

So Who’s This Romain Dauriac Fella Scarlett Johansson Just Got Engaged To? (Betty Confidential)

Six things to know about Johansson’s affianced. Eat your heart out. 

Writing and Romance: ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell (Hello Giggles)

A review of a new novel that will appeal to YA fans young and old.