09.10.1312:52 PM ET

Poll: 62 Percent Lie About Reading Classics

And women are more likely to be the ones lying.

Watching the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma is apparently not the same thing as reading it, according to a group of sticklers behind a 2,000-person poll of Britons. More than 60 percent of those polled admitted they lie about reading classic books in an effort to appear smarter—and women are more likely to be the ones lying when they have only seen a film or TV adaptation. Men are more likely to stretch the truth when it comes to bragging about academic achievements and jobs, and they are twice as likely to repeat famous quotes to appear more worldly. More than half the respondents both male and female admitted to altering their appearance to come off as smarter. The survey was commissioned for the DVD release of The Big Bang Theory.