Sweeping Women Off Their Feet—Literally

Two guys target unsuspecting college girls for a YouTube video.

In the never-ending quest for clicks, two men from LAHWF’s YouTube channel posted a video of themselves running up to unsuspecting girls and picking them up—literally “sweeping them off their feet.” Some of the women, from Utah Valley University, seem to be game for the prank, but others are noticeably freaked out. Audra Schroeder of The Daily Dot has denounced the stunt, noting that “women already have to look over their shoulders as they walk home.” The video has garnered more than 450,000 views in just two days. Arguments have erupted on the YouTube page, with some commenters decrying it as assault, others saying to lighten up, and one person writing, “In a society where women are kidnapped and raped, if any guy that I didn’t know did this to me, he’d get kicked in the balls.”

Video screenshot