09.12.132:05 PM ET

‘Titstare’ App Backlash Compared to Iraq War

Tech conference judge says it was hyped by the media.

The TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon opened on Sunday with a presentation of the app “Titstare,” which allows users to take photos of themselves staring at women’s boobs. And obviously, some people were offended and decried the “bro culture” pervading tech conferences. TechCrunch was quick to apologize for the presentation. But The Atlantic found that Elias Bizannes, one of the judges for the hackathon, defends Titstare as an attempt at humor. Ha. He went on further to say that the press manipulated this story and made comparisons to coverage during the Iraq War. “You're just as bad as the majority of American’s [sic] who thought Al-Qaeda was in Iraq and hence one of the stupidest wars of recent memory, all thanks to taking things hook line and sinker due to the media.”