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Lady Reads

Top stories from the women's sites.

NYC Women's Club Embraces Seasonal Workers' Case (Women's eNews)

A New York group is tracking the sexual harassment cases of two municipal Parks Department workers. The women’s male supervisors “had engaged in inappropriate touching, asked for sexual favors and held pole-dancing contests at employee gatherings.”

A Case Study in Awful: The 8 Worst Parts of the Recent Naval Academy Rape Hearing (RH Reality Check)

The most disgusting questions asked of a female midshipman by attorneys defending her alleged rapist include how she performs oral sex and whether she “felt like a ho” in the morning. Awful.

The Worst Day Of My Life: A True Nanny Story (HelloGiggles)

A former sitter reveals her darkest moment on the job: when she discovered a nanny cam in the bathroom.

How Your Fave Chick Flicks Are Ruining Your Love Life (Her Campus)

Don’t be clueless: here’s why your love for on-screen love may be spoiling real-life romance. 

15 Weird Things Guys Do That Turn Us Off (Betty Confidential)

The title says it all. Top of our list: stop kissing us in public, and stop cursing like it’s going out of style.