09.17.136:07 PM ET

Should Bosses Tell Employees to Lose Weight?

‘GMA’ contributor Tory Johnson writes of conversation with boss.

Apparently at Good Morning America, nobody will tell you directly you need to lose weight—but you should get the context, that’s for sure. At least according to GMA contributor Tory Johnson, who says she was taken to lunch by Barbara Fedida, the highest-ranking woman at ABC, to discuss her weight. Johnson marvels now at how “not once did she call me fat, say I had to lose weight, or hint that my job was in jeopardy … but what I did hear was ‘lose your weight, or lose your job.’” Johnson listened: she lost 72 pounds, and has dedicated her book, The Shift, to Fedida—and says, “Since then, friends have said they wish their bosses would tell them to lose weight because so far they haven’t listened to anyone else.” Um, good idea? Aside from anti-discrimination laws, that is, that prevent bosses from firing people for their weight.