Toddlers Sans Tiaras

09.18.1311:47 AM ET

France Proposes Child Pageant Ban

For “hyper-sexualizing effect.”

France’s Senate voted on Wednesday to ban all beauty pageants for children under 16 in an effort to protect girls against what they consider to be premature sexualization encouraged by the contests. Although the bill’s language includes boys as well, conservative senator Chantal Jouanno told the AP that the bill’s intention was primarily to combat girls’ contests such as France’s annual “mini-Miss” pageants.  "When I asked an organizer why there were no mini-boy contests, I heard him respond that boys would not lower themselves like that,” Jouanno said. Under the proposed law, pageant organizers and parents who enter their children in pageants will be liable to prosecution. But pageant lovers needn’t get alarmed yet, the bill still has to go through the lower house of the legislature to become law.