09.19.133:23 PM ET

Female Editor Defends All-Male Feature

Says journalism, world still a “boys’ club.”

San Francisco Magazine editor Ellen Cushing is standing by the magazine’s feature “Silicon Valley’s Geek Chorus.” The tech-writer roundup—which she edited and the magazine’s “excellent, thoughtful, feminist writer” George McIntire wrote—features six young white men described as “the Valley’s hall monitor, peanut gallery, and, often, conscience.” Although Cushing concedes that “including no women (or people of color) sends a message,” she is defending the piece as an accurate industry reflection. “The fact that our list featured all guys is sort of the point, or at least part of it,” she wrote in response to criticism. “Just as tech itself is a boy's club, so—in my experience and that of many women I've spoken to about this—is tech writing. Journalism is still a boys’ club. The world is a boys’ club.” Then she linked to a whole lot of female tech writers and (finally) concluded that “we messed up here!” Cue the global peanut gallery.