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09.22.134:45 AM ET

Lady Reads

Stories from the week in women's sites.

New Report Calls Attention to Abortion Policy in Ecuador (RH Reality Check)

In Ecuador, where abortion is illegal, dangerous conditions abound: one clinic “treated the same 13-year-old girl for complications related to unsafe abortion three times in a single year.”

Thanks for the Compliment, but I'm Not a Nurse (XX Factor)

One doctor points out why it's rude to make assumptions about those who are providing your medical care based on gender, and how it disrespects both doctors AND nurses.

Do Not Reply: Super Weird Messages from Online Daters (Betty Confidential)

Further perils of online dating: if he says he wants to kiss you with a wolf mask on, it may be time to hit “block.”

6 Workouts You Can Do While You Study (Her Campus)

Sneak in some oblique swivels in the office, but don’t try chair squats in front of your coworkers.