09.23.134:07 PM ET

Syria’s Pregnant Women’s Health Crisis

Refugee clinics have little no pre- and post-natal care.

As the bloody civil war in Syria stretches on, pregnant women have faced a dearth of care—both within Syria’s borders and as refugees. Marjie Middleton, a midwife working with Médécins Sans Frontiers, said that when she arrived to assess women’s health, there were seven primary-care clinics—but not one dedicated to women’s health. “These women have had no access to healthcare for the last two years,” Middleton writes on ABC News. For pregnant women, this can mean death—for both themselves and their children. What’s more, the United Nations stopped paying 100 percent of birth costs for refugees, meaning that refugees have to come up with somewhere between $50 to $200 for a cesarean. In a heartbreaking twist, Middleton writes that they frequently see women disappear back into Syria to give birth. And in Syria, there’s little to no access to contraceptives—meaning it’s nearly impossible to prevent another pregnancy.