09.24.135:55 PM ET

WTA: ‘Ready, Willing, and Able’ to Play for Equal Pay

Women tennis pros still get less prize money.

The head of Women’s Tennis Association said Tuesday that female players are “ready, willing, and able” to play five-set matches for equal pay. Following Andy Murray’s comments that either women should start playing best-of-five matches or men play best-of-three matches for equal prize money, WTA CEO Stacey Allaster said “all you have to do is ask” for a women’s five-set grand slam. This week marks the 40th anniversary of the Battle of the Sexes, when Billie Jean King overcame Bobby Riggs in front of 90 million people. The battle of equal pay, though, still rages on—with top French player Gilles Simon saying last year that women deserved more pay because they provided fans with more entertainment.