In The Field

09.26.131:51 PM ET

Extra Dangers for Female Journos

Women are victims of “sexual character assassination.”

Women journalists are commonly the victims of “sexual character assassination,” defined as an unfounded verbal or physical attack, according to a monthlong study by the International Women’s Media Foundation released on Wednesday. “More women journalists have been sexually attacked than men,” said Frank Smyth, a senior adviser for journalist security at the Committee to Protect Journalists. The survey, conducted in conjunction with the International News Safety Institute and with UNESCO support, will be used to assess security concerns for women in media. The IWMF has plans to use data collected from 500 to 1,000 respondents to develop UNESCO-funded safety training for female reporters, producers, and editors across media platforms. Two days after the survey launched, a young photojournalist on assignment in Dubai was gang-raped.