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09.29.131:07 PM ET

Lady Reads

Stories from the week in women's sites.

Marriage Remains Popular Choice, Though Unknown Why (Women’s eNews)

An excerpt from Debora Spar’s new book Wonder Women examines why, in spite of the advances of feminism, so many women still choose marriage.

When Being HIV-Positive Becomes a Prison Sentence (RH Reality Check)

In 34 states, the HIV-positive can be prosecuted for exposing others to the disease—even without transmitting it, and often based solely on the testimony of one person.

Fall TV Fashion Inspiration, Drama Edition: ‘Masters of Sex,’ ‘Reign’ + More! (Betty Confidential)

Hacks to dress like characters from the latest TV dramas. 

The 4 Best New Dating Apps (Her Campus)

The latest ways to find love on the Internet.