09.30.131:45 PM ET

Is Social Media Ruining Teens’ Lives?

Porn, online dating, and cyberbullying cited as harming girls.

According to one Vanity Fair writer, the kids are definitely not all right—and the Internet is to blame. Nancy Jo Sales interviewed dozens of New York and Los Angeles teens, painting a bleak portrait of boys demanding sex over social-media sites and girls feeling pressured to comply. “When you have sex with a guy, they want it to be like a porno,” one 19-year-old told Sales. “They want anal and oral right away. Oral is, like, the new kissing.” Teens named Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and as main causes of “man-whoring,” slut shaming, and cyberbullying. But the article has already received pushback from bloggers—one Slate columnist calls it a “hit piece fired at an entire generation.”