Filmmaker Turns Rape Into Satire

To express how she’s haunted by rapist.

The man with the bushy mustache and the hooded red sweatshirt will not leave filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler alone. He follows her to the farmers market, to a job interview, to dinner with her parents, to therapy appointments, and to the beach—but she intertwines rather twisted humor into every event. Her best friend in the film asks her if it was “real” rape, while her therapist basically tells her to take meds and just get over it. Kahnweiler, 27, was raped while studying abroad in college, and she decided to make the film to confront the demons that still haunt her past. At the end of the video, Kahnweiler is frolicking outside with her “rapist,” but she finally admits she needs to let him go. The short film treads a very fine line between satire and seriousness. “People are saying they don’t know how to react to the video. I think that’s wonderful. I still don’t know how to react to getting raped,” Kahnweiler says to the Jewish Daily Forward.

Video screenshot