10.08.131:58 PM ET

60 Percent of Women Consider Themselves Plus-Size

Also 28 percent prefer the phrase “curvy.”

Sixty percent of American women consider themselves plus-size, with a new poll by finding that women prefer the term “curvy” to describe themselves. But the national survey of 1,000 plus-size women (size 14 and up) found that fewer than half actually embrace their own curves, despite 85 percent saying that beauty comes in all sizes. “Surprisingly, a majority of curvy women say they still lack the confidence to dress more fashionably,” said Kristin Mongello, the director of e-commerce at Sonsi, a plus-size clothing company. Plus-size women also generally don’t use “straight-size” models as fashion resources, the survey found, with icons instead being Adele, Melissa McCarthy, and Gabourey Sidibe.