Stark Choices

10.09.134:40 PM ET

The ‘Absurd Labels’ Holding Back Women

British lawyer Miriam González Durántez speaks out for women making free life choices.

Miriam González Durántez knows about the “absurd labels” women face all too well. A prominent British lawyer and wife of deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, González Durántez is speaking about “stark choices” women are forced to make, rather than being “able to toy with unlimited options, as men do.” She highlights the “absurd labels” which stigmatize many different categories of women, including those without children, who are assumed to be “frustrated;” or stay-at-home moms, who are “not working;” and successful professionals, who are branded as “scary.” González Durántez is working with the charity Inspiring the Future  to create a network of role models to mentor schoolgirls, writing “Those girls should not have to limit their dreams and feel constrained by absurd and demeaning stereotypes. They should rather feel free to aim high.”