10.14.134:40 PM ET

Missouri Family: Daughter’s Rapist Forced Us Out of Town

Accused is the grandson of Congressman, charges were dropped.

Daisy Coleman was 14 years old when she was allegedly raped by Maryville’s star football player, Matthew Barnett—who happened to be the grandson of Missouri Rep. Rex Barnett. She doesn't remember much of the party where it happened, but her mother, Melinda Coleman, clearly remembers finding her daughter passed out on the porch in 22-degree weather in only a tee shirt and sweatpants. Barnett, who said he had consensual sex with Daisy, was arrested and charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child—and a friend, Jordan Zech, had recorded the incident (he was charged with felony sexual exploitation). But within two days, Daisy and her brothers started receiving threats daily (the brother of one of the boys at Barnett home tweeted that Daisy would “gets whats comin”), and soon Melinda Coleman was terminated from her job. The charges were soon dropped against both boys, although Rex Barnett denied any involvement. The family has since moved, although their vacant house was burned down and Daisy has attempted suicide twice. But in the meantime, Barnett, who finished his senior year elsewhere, has moved on to the University of Central Missouri.