10.17.131:41 PM ET

India Promotes ‘Breast Is Best’ Message

Many rural women use traditional method of honey and goat’s milk.

UNICEF is working with women in India to debunk myths on breastfeeding in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh— where the practice is often swapped for the traditional of giving honey and goat's milk to their newborns. According to Women’s eNews, many pregnant tribal women in the country, mostly uneducated, were unaware that children who were not breastfed had higher chances of undernourishment, and newborn girls, especially if they are the third or fourth daughters, will not be breastfed as they are seen as a burden. UNICEF initiative, which connected pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers with councilors who held monthly group info sessions, more and more women are opting to swap the honey and goat’s milk for human milk.