10.18.1310:00 AM ET

Do Police Discriminate Against Transgender People?

Also discrimination causes transgender people to be poor, homeless.

A study by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs also found transgender people across the U.S. experience three times as much police violence as non-transgender individuals. That number only goes up for transgendered people of color. Transgender Americans are also more likely to be poor and homeless due to discrimination—and that puts transgendered people more in the path of violence. For example, Sasha Washington, a homeless transgender New Yorker told Al Jazeera she was once searched by the NYPD, and upon finding she had condoms in her bag, was arrested on the suspicion she was a prostitute. “I think people are less familiar with how gender is really central to policing in the United States,” said Andrea Ritchie, an attorney specializing in police misconduct.