10.22.135:31 PM ET

Breasts Age Faster Than the Rest Of Your Body

Study uncovers biological clock able to measure age of human tissues

Apparently a woman’s breasts are kind of like the rings of a tree—it can reveal her true age.  A biological clock found embedded in our genomes has proved that women’s breast tissue ages faster than the rest of the body, according to a UCLA study released this week. The findings of the UCLA study could offer valuable insights into cancer research, and help to discover ways to slow down the aging process. Scientist Steve Horvath was surprised to discover that “healthy breast tissue is about two to three years older than the rest of a woman’s body. Excitingly, the discovery also proved that scientists can rewind the body's biological clock and restore it to zero, which, if the clock is found to control the aging process, could mean there is a way to control the process and perhaps even halt it entirely.