10.22.135:17 PM ET

Domestic Violence Report to UN Delayed by U.S. Shutdown

Advocacy groups won’t be able to present until March 2014.

Four women’s advocacy groups who are calling for stronger legal protections for women and children have been prevented by the U.S. government shutdown from using a United Nations forum to press their case. The review of the United States was scheduled to occur this month during the Human Rights Committee’s 109th session, but it has now been postponed until March 2014, meaning a shadow report about the legal holes in the government’s protection of women and children cannot be presented. The report was issued by the Advocates for Human Rights, the University of Miami School of Law Human Rights Clinic, Legal Momentum, and Women Enabled. It stresses the worsening gun-crime statistics and highlights a loophole in the current Gun Control Act which doesn’t require private gun sellers to perform background checks on their buyers, allowing prohibited buyers to easily evade bans. The advocacies continue to hope a ruling from the international forum could be influential with the current White House, but they will now have to wait until next spring to find this out.