10.23.1312:33 PM ET

Report: Syrian Snipers Targeting Pregnant Women

Could be a “game” between snipers.

Syrian gunmen are reportedly targeting pregnant women and their unborn fetuses in what some suspect could be a competitive “game” between snipers, according to the British volunteer organization Syria Relief. One widely circulating X-ray image shows a bullet lodged in a fetus’ head after the mother was shot through the uterus. British surgeon David Nott, who recently returned from a five-week volunteer stint in a Syrian hospital, told CNN that doctors would see trends of injuries that suggested a competition between snipers. “For example, one day, we received say 15, 16 gunshot wounds and of that eight to nine were targeted in the left groin only,” he said. “Then the following day they were targeted in the right groin only. So it seemed to me like there was some of thing going on—a game going on—between the snipers.”