10.24.132:12 PM ET

CEO Thinks Women Who Wear High Heels Lack Brains

Tweet sets off debate.

Take those heels off dumb dumb, they’re hurting your brain! At least that’s what Jorge Cortell, CEO of health care software company, thought when he attended a recent tech conference for entrepreneurs and was puzzled at the sight of women clicking their spiky heels around the event. He promptly tweeted his concern for the lack of mental health he saw by posting a picture of a woman in black stilettos with a caption that read, “Event supposed to be for entrepreneurs, VCs, but these heels (I’ve seen several like this)… WTF #brainsnotrequired.” This tweet went over just about as well as you would expect (considering women actually do know how to read and saw it), with several bloggers picking it up and denouncing it for being sexist. He tried to defend himself later by saying the decision to wear heels is “dumb” since they may lead to falls, blisters, soreness and other ailments.