10.29.131:05 PM ET

Hackers and Hookers Party Was Horrible

Even in the bro-y tech world, no one went.

What a letdown. After outrage at the “Hackers and Hookers” theme for start-up tech company Hacker Hideout’s Halloween party, it turns out nobody went anyway. Only around twenty people showed up, despite the poster’s tempting promises of “Beer. Dance floor. Shot bar. Food truck. Girls.” How charming. And James Bloncho, dressed in full drag, was on hand to explain why the theme wasn’t inappropriate at all: “Of course pretty girls make more money, it’s just the law of attraction.” Unfortunately, it seemed that the “like 134 women that signed up for this thing” were just as non-existent as the shot bar; there were about four in total in fact– “all fully clothed.” Bloncho blamed all the media attention and not the sexist theme.