11.14.135:50 PM ET

A New Method to Save Births?

Argentine car mechanic discovered way to wrap plastic bag around baby’s head during birth.

Using a glass jar, his daughter’s doll, and a fabric bag and sleeve sewn by his wife, Jorge Odón created a device that could help a baby stuck in a birth canal. Surprisingly, the Odon Device— used by a physician placing the plastic bag inside a lubricated plastic sleeve around the head, inflating it to grip the head and pulling the bag until the baby emerges— has taken off and won prestigious awards from the World Health Organization. Could this new invention could be just what the world needs? About 10 percent of the 137 million births worldwide each year have potentially serious complications and about 5.6 million babies are stillborn or die quickly, according to The New York Times, and this would help prevent C-sections even in the developed world.