12.04.1311:51 AM ET

Katie Couric Promotes Phony Science on HPV Vaccine

Asks if vaccine is “deadly dose” for girls.

 When producers of Katie Couric’s talk show approached Seth Mnookin, a science writer and author of a book debunking the supposed link between vaccines and autism, they told him they were working on a segment to “better inform the public that still questions links between vaccination and autism and need to better understand the scientific truth.” The teaser trailer for the show, though, told a different story, with alarmist language calling the vaccine a “deadly dose” and quoting “a mom who claims her daughter died after getting the HPV vaccine.” Mnookin fought back with a blog post laying out the science behind his work: “As I assume Couric and her staff know — they are, after all, literate — here are 'all sides' of the HPV vaccine issue: A study published in the British Medical Journal in October evaluated 997,000 girls, 296,000 of whom had received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine. More than 150,000 of those girls received all three doses. The results? Absolutely no link to short- or long-term health problems.”