Fired Up

01.23.1412:55 PM ET

Oakland Cheerleaders Sue for Fair Wages

The Raiderettes earn $1,250 a year—or less than $5 an hour.

The Oakland Raiders' cheerleading squad filed a lawsuit against the NFL team Wednesday, demanding reparation for unpaid wages and accusing the team of unfair treatment. The Raiderettes claim that the franchise withholds their pay--$1,250 a year, which breaks down to less than $5 an hour--until the end of the season. Additionally, the cheerleaders have to pay for their own hair, makeup, and travel to Raiders events. “I love the Raiders and I love being a Raiderette, but someone has to stand up for all of the women of the NFL who work so hard for the fans and the teams," one Raiderette said. We will be cheering their case on.