The Big Game

01.28.142:36 PM ET

Superbowl's Target Audience? Women

Do not underestimate women's social media potential.

Brands would do better than to spit back the all-to-common sexist Superbowl ad formula this weekend. According to Adweek, women with smart phones and social media accounts will be this weekend's target audience. The logic follows: a near equal number of women and men watch the Superbowl—meaning more women will watch the big game than the Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys combined. And women share and shop more than men. So, pissing off this Sunday's female viewers may cost brands more than appealing to their social-media-buzzing sensibilities. As long as they don't go the whole "selling feminism via hair products" route, I think we could all look forward to less "Go Daddy girl"-esque ads this weekend. And if not, Twitter will be ripe with response. Let the game begin!