01.28.143:27 PM ET

Malala’s Book Launch Cancelled in Pakistan

Some say over security reasons, others suspect censorship.

Today’s scheduled book launch event of Malala Yousafzai's memoir in Pakistan has been cancelled due to a "direct intervention" from the local authorities, Dr. Khadim Hussain told the BBC. Hussein, who helped organize the reading with the with the Bacha Khan Education Trust, claimed governmental authorities put pressure on the organizers to cancel the event. Imran Kahn, head of the political party that runs the province, tweeted this morning: "am at a loss 2 understand why Malala's book launch stopped in Peshawar. PTI believes in freedom of speech/debate, not censorship of ideas." Yousafzai's memoir details her struggle to gain access to education in Pakistan, a struggle which climaxed when she was shot in the head by Taliban at the age of 14. While police authorities claim the book launch was cancelled due to security concerns, many suspect censorship might be at play. Terror threats are no doubt a legitimate concern, but forced silencing is something Yousafzai already knows too well.